Why are sea turtles endangered?



Organisms are endangered when they are "in immanent danger of extinction". The main factor in this matter seems to be overdevelopment of nesting areas. Other factors are hunting, bycatch, and pollution (Your plastic produce bags can kill.)



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They’re rich. People and animals eat them. Stew them. Yes there is a thing called turtle soup. Their shells can be used for fashion and design. Etc


They taste good and there's too many god damned hungry people!


Poor turtles.


Pollution and Hunting.

Happy mango

they are slow outside water and smallmouth, friendly

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Pollutions and Global Warmings.


The earth is cooling at a rate of 6 degrees per year. 15 years ago sea turtles spent most of their time sunning on the Antarctic beaches. Now they are frozen and they have no choice but to use electric blankets