Why do they add palm oil to products? Why not a different oil?

Do they really have to kill thousands of animals and ruin the entire rain forest for... toothpaste and laundry detergent?


This is mainly propaganda from the soybean oil companies. I have been inside palm oil plantations and they are home to millions of animals, I have seen deer, civets lots of birds and many other creatures make palm oil plantations their home. Consider instead a soybean field, nothing lives there only soybeans. After all palms are trees which has to better than tilled fields.


palm oil is cheap, thats why they use it.


It is as cheap as chips.

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Because it's cheaper than other forms of essential fats to make those products. Same reason they use corn syrup instead of real sugar for sweeteners.

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because its cheap


Read it says what oils & or palm oil. Depending on palm oil prices. They go up & down. Depending on harvest & location. The oil is made from coconuts. Not the palm trees. Here we use lots of palm oil. Even if price is up. As it is still cheaper to use. If you add in shipping other oils to us. That & peanut oil. Sunflower, soy, corn oils if cheap on the market. Can still cost more when you add shipping in. So cost.


"They" are ruining nothing. Have you children?


How do they make oil from hands?




Enjoy using essential oils and prepare your own recipes that provide products that are quick and simple to make. Use of only 5 essential oils: keep the cost low but do not create inferior products for its use. I never compromised the effectiveness of these recipes if it did not work with the five that are not on the list.


******* Asians care little for the lives of animals


I think palm is neutral, why?


I'm not 100% on the answer but I remember reading somewhere it was really cheap to produce. However I wholeheartedly agree with you and share your frustration. It should be banned.


A large percentage of palm oil exported from Indonesia and Malaysia - and blame those countries for the deforestation of their own lands and the loss of their own animal habitats - goes to European countries to be used as fuel for cars. You know, those Europeans who supposedly do everything better than us stupid Americans.