Would you support major background checks before one can buy a gun that holds more than 10 bullets?



What constitutes a "major" background check? And why have a threshold of 10 bullets? I support a background check for anyone who wants to buy any kind of gun.


I come from the UK which has strict gun laws, they average 50 to 60 gun deaths per year. Compare that to Chicago which has had 486 deaths this year.


even i will recommend it for guns with single bullet , it more a source of voilence then self defense https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gun_violence_in_the_United_States


Yes, that would be at least a start.


Oh yes, because killing 10 people would be OK, but 11 totally unacceptable.


Major? No. Simple criminal background checks? Yes.


Major? No. Simple criminal background checks? Yes.


I think a major background check should be performed prior to allowing one to vote.


Every citizen who owns a gun and who wishes to own a gun, should first do a weapons training course conducted by the Army. The fee for this being $100. When the citizen has passed the weapons training course, they will receive a certificate which in effect will act as a license to hold firearms. But that will not happen, because the Gun-Lobby will move against it. Until the 1980s (or thereabouts) the American Constitution allowed for members of the Citizens Militia to bear arms. The wording was changed (due to force by the NRA) to read "The Citizen has the right to bear arms." Simple - change the wording back to the original. Disband (prorogue) the NRA - make it's memembers pay compensation to every single person killed by an idiot with a gun.


Some states ALREADY have this law.


Have you been living under a rock?


A thousand people buy a firearm on Monday. They get a background check and they all pass. Then there's a waiting period so these thousand people have to wait until the following Monday. After that we don't know who may decide to go postal on Tuesday or five years later. Meanwhile a thousand people buy a firearm everyday of the week and every day after that another bunch of people pick up a firearm....have we solved anything?


it only takes one to kill you WHAT is the difference???

Uma Guma

You mean that's not already the case???


No. I would not be opposed to submitting to a criminal background check as a prerequisite to owning firearms. You get an initial check, and you are checked regularly via electronic means, whether you own firearms or not, or you purchase one or not. Like DOT truck checks, if you pass, the time interval between each check increases. If you fail one, they come at shorter intervals. It would be irrespective of owning or not owning, and would not include an inventory of what a person chooses to own. As long as the arms are of legal configuration. Also, a mandatory one time training course in the safe handling and storage. That is objective, efficient, and is much less likely to be abused by those with an agenda.




Nice, they? Perhaps nice of them, those who invented a law of fair than ever more, yes cause killin, there then, is supposed to arise strangely largely.


Rather worthless activity / requirement considering a person could just buy TWO (or more) guns that hold 10 bullets each. Also, some shooters already own guns, so a new b/g check would not affect them at all.