Can we reduce Global Warming by painting our roofs white, as Al Gore suggested?



Sounds good, but the total roofed area is, I assume, very small in comparison with the surface area of the Earth, so I would be surprised if it would make a significant difference. Did Al Gore suggest it?


A little bit. It would help the homeowner more by reducing cooling bills.

The Lord Humungus.

Yes If you live in an area where AC is normal.


I imagine the effect would be small relative to the size of the problem. A higher albedo would decrease some heating and would have the greatest effect in cities in helping to reduce summer heat.


Not sure Gore every actually said that, given the years in which deneirs have simply invented things they attribute to Gore. Certainly at a much bigger scale the amount of sea ice in the Arctic affects the amount of sun light reflected back to space or absorbed by the oceans as heat energy and the long term trend of Arctic sea ice is decline.


Do it over a wide-enough area? Yes, it can have a measurable cooling effect. Ask Almeria, Spain.


only locally. cities are warmer due to concrete and roads


a very,very,very,very,very,tiny, little amount.


Bill Clinton's experimental laboratory rat, Algore is full of great ideas, yet he practices so few of them. One might wonder if he is in this science game for the money. He did get rich from it and enjoys carbon spewing private jet rides across the planet. I guess he wants one last look at every part of it before it dies. It already has a fever according to the rat.


if every roof had solar panels it would help reduce global warming if global warming even existed, the sun is 1.2 MILLION times the size of the earth , more energy hits the earth from the sun every HOUR than humans produce in a year, and for those non-science libs , it doesn't look a MILLION times bigger than the earth because it is VERY VERY far away, the earth has been MUCH hotter and MUCH colder many times over the last million years

The Mush

He must have invented the color white too.