Is it ironic that a student in Iowa City, Iowa froze to death in the same town that Jimmy Hansen, an advocate for GW, went to college in? Antarcticice: Hansen is the same age as I am. We will both be 78 this year. Hansen is the one who went in front of the US Congress in the misrepresentation that he was a leading scientist on the environment. He is also responsible for corrupting vital data to prove his agenda. Furthermore, he has participated Communist inspired demonstrations, which as a government employee he wasn't allowed to do. Jimmy is not an honest individual to say the least. Anon: re: "And once again you take delight in the suffering of other human beings." I asked if it was ironic. I didn't ask if it was delightful, as you so rudely interpret. There is a difference. This just shows that you 'environmentalists' cannot understand basic English. If you can't do that, which should be simple, why do you expect to conquer the complexities of the Earth's functions? Ha! Ha!


No. But your question makes me think you are dumb.


I guess deniers who are locked into their fantasy would still be talking about Hansen years after he retired (he now almost 80) it’s easier for deneirs than to try and make claims about all the other scientists who now lead the research or to address current global temperature averages they would rather just like to talk about local weather. Of course if places Hansen has been to, are what passes for evidence for deneirs he has also visited Australia, but frankly I don’t think his visit was the cause of the 45c (114F) temps a number of Aussie cities saw in the last week


No, it's not the least bit ironic--it's tragic. However it is disgusting and in incredibly poor taste of you to attempt to use a person's death to advocate your propaganda.


And once again you take delight in the suffering of other human beings.


Such a lose, so sorry.


Irony is the American made GW coferences seem to fall on blizzard days...... a lot. .