💀 true or false., People who don't believe in global warming are idiots?


Dru Zod

Here’s a simple test Name one global warming prediction that has been right in the last 25 years


I believe you are an idiot for oversimplifying the issue. The earth is warming. It warmed by 0.8 C in the 20th century. It continues to warm today. I guess if you deny these facts, you are pretty dense. It's anybody's guess how much it warms by the year 2100. I think the real idiots are those who cannot separate warming from catastrophic warming. If the earth warms another 0.8 C this century there will be no doomsday scenario. The U.S. will grow its food right here, not in Canada. If the warming is significantly greater, we are going to have trouble, but nobody knows for sure.


There is no simple true or false. People that do not believe that Climate always changes are idiots. People that believe that Climate Changing is something new, are also idiots. People that do not believe or understand anything about climate and are only using the issue as a political weapon are evil idiots .


False for the most part, but I do find these types of questions idiotic.


Again Newspeak rears its ugly head. "Global warming" is a term used to control the argument. It does not mean global warming. The other issue is that a timescale needs to be provided. If we take the last two years then we have had global cooling. We can pick any number of points in the chart below to start from that will also show cooling. Even if we choose some starting points that show warming that in no way suggests the cause - which is what the newspeak "global warming" usually does try and imply. Maybe it is the people who ask poorly framed questions that are the idiots here?




False. They are not idiots, at least not because of that.


Here's a hint - Donald Trump is a moron......


No, the idiots are those taken in by this scam. The funny thing, many know it is bad science backed up by manipulated data, but they feel morally justified because they are fighting Capitalism, as well as furthering environmental causes. The means (lies and propaganda) justify the ends. It is also funny how they resort to puerile Ad Hominem attacks on anyone who doesn't accede to their opinions.


It depends. Are they misinformed, or, do they actively campaign against science? There is a difference.

Oregon Alley Cat

They are either ignorant or willfully ignorant, not necessarily idiots




The truth is that the people on this forum who are idiots are almost always deniers.


They may be competent in some things, but yes, with regard to science, they are idiots. Those that think that a degree or two isn't a big deal, like wilds_of_virginia, are deluding themselves.


Either idiots or corrupt


Perhaps I believe the climate is changing and the weather is becoming more violent along with global dimming maybe. But I didn't think global warming is the correct term I think your a muppet for asking such a simpleton question. Is the evaporation rate falling? How much homogenization of weather records has contributed to so called record temperatures in some places.

Janet S



Its not a matter of believing in global warming - it is a fact and people that can't accept it are either uneducated or deluded.


Very true


you mean climate change?




True. And the correct term is "climate change" since "global warming" is a misnomer.


More like they don’t have an education in chemistry