Could you live without power for a month?

No power means none. No generator no solar panels none.


I have lived without power for more than a month many times, but it was in a cabin that had a hand pump for water, kerosene lanterns for light, an icebox for keeping food and a cast iron wood cook stove for heating and cooking.


You certainly can if you plan it before hand. You won't be able to keep frozen food. You will have to learn certain skills such as cooking/boiling water and food over a fire. You also need to be happy to just sit and read or play an instrument because you won't have access to the internet at home


Of course. Electricity is a convenience. It would be a pain in the tookus, but it’s not a necessity to live


If you exist, you can live without power. Humans have done so for thousands of years. And, I lived through the blackout of 2003.

Med 10

It wouldn't be easy, but yes. I would live by my wits and common sense.

Homer Bufflekill

Yeah, I could. I have a cabin in the mountains with oil lamps and spring water. I love it there and only come back to "civilization" so I can pay the bills. I cant wait to retire...


Probably, i had a friend who did that once, for 2 months, he didn't pay his energy bills so they cut him off, whenever i visited him it took him 30 minutes just to make a cup of tea with British army issue hexamine blocks, he used to read by candle light, he was in the middle of a major city and living like Robinson Crusoe!


Yeah I think we all could

Jake No Chat

Yes, but not in my current location. It is brutally cold here. I can make a friction fire, but I would not wanna do it for a month.


Can use kerosine for light and cooking..simple living..


Humans HAVE lived without power for thousands of years. It's possible, but probably very, very hard in a modernized society I'm guessing. I'd worry about food safety, weather conditions, safety of water, etc. Interesting question! Makes me want to learn more (as my answer is just a guess)!



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Jerry S

yes, but it would be hard.


As long as I had heat and food


Could I? Yes. Would I enjoy it? No.


Easily. I did for two weeks(16 days), stopped because I had to go back to work. Ate freshly caught trout for lunch and dinner. I walked two hours and carried all my supplies to (and waste from) the camping spot and during my 2 weeks there I did not see another human being. cooking was done on a campfire, sleep when the fires goes out, wake up when the sun rises. I would have brought more dehydrated food and dried fruit if I was going to do it for a month and less fresh vegetables and fruit and leave the beer behind (I already had to limit myself to 1 can per night) Maybe trap a rabbit if I knew how to do it for some variety.

Power Flower

I have, for over a year. The kids hated it at the time.. but now they miss it and remember those days fondly.


Yip sign me up!


Been without Power, phone, cable,or internet for 2 months thanks to a storm Its when I realized Human caused global warming is a internet meme vs evey elderly person I met saying the last time a hurricane of same strength took out everything was 100 years ago...of course not everyone had electric or radio back then so most people were not seriously effected


no, i need it, i sleep on airbed so i need power to blow it up


Living in a Country were only 50% of the population has electric. We are better set up for it than most. There are still plenty of hand pumps around so water is available. Also cisterns that catch water. There are plenty of bullocks here & wagons. So night soil would not be a big problem to dispose of. Farmers here still use it on there fields. All those things take electric in a more modern world. So the farmers would still bring food to sale to town by cart. The fishermen would still go out for fish. But we live with much less than you here. You need go to the big city to buy many things not found here. Even in the big city some things you have. We do not have here.




I have been confused yes, but it,s when really ill and tiresome?!! Then I am a deny, I refuse them awhile.


yes, but that depends on what you mean by power. Municipal, or naturally generated.



Pearl L

no, i need to have the power on, i sleep on an airbed so i need the power to blow it up