How can LED Tubes Lights save energy?



By using less energy per unit of light output (i.e., per lumen). Cheers. +++++


less energy per unit


They got them fixed that way.


They waste so much in heat. so they don't.


They use about half the amount of energy as other alternatives


LEDs are much more efficient than traditional incandescent bulbs. An incandescent bulb works by heating up a metal filament so hot that it begins to glow. This is very inefficient because most of the energy used in the bulb is being changed into heat and not light. It also puts a lot of stress on the filament which causes them to burn out relatively frequently, requiring you to replace the whole bulb, with attendant contribution to the waste stream. An LED works by electroluminescence using super conductors. They are much more efficient at producing light and result in very little heat production. This saves energy and also makes for a longer lasting light bulb since the components will break down less frequently.




Stay away from LED lights if possible. Not good for our brains and there is More information out there. Think these lights are supposed to connect with this 5G stuff and it willl not be good for us. There is a reason our government and it’s not just ours it’s worldwide government offering incentives and or rebates for you to make the switch! Since when was last time “they” wanted to “save” us money?!? Some countries give them out for free 🤔