Is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez right that the world will end in 12 years?



I doubt seriously that child knows which side the sun comes up on, much less when the world will end. Sad.


No. She is wrong about everything.


Hers will. She should be back to bar tending by then


If it does end, then all of the Democrats, liberals, anti-White genociders, and media enemies of the people will be dead! Thank you Jesus!


No, but I am certain I am right in saying that the world will no longer exist in 12 billion years from now.


No more than Libtards who predicted this 20-30 years ago.


I'm not interested in her or her life.


12 days ago she was giving $3.00 hummers behind Arby’s. Now she’s a scientist?

Tad Dubious



No. And if you are serious about asking this question a) Congratulations, the first step to defeating ignorance is admitting you don't know something and then seeking to become informed b) Please keep asking and seeking information about all the other non-sense she is spewing .... all talk, but absolutely no data or common sense to back up her claims.


None of us will ever really know when the world shall end. Kind of scary to think about, seeing everything that's been going on recently...




close . on 12 21 12 atmospheric CO2 hit 400 ppm . this has triggered a very rapid , runaway , irreversible greenhouse effect . the worldwide crop failures will start around then . not everybody will die of starvation at once . it will take a number of years until just a few secret government bunkers have food and water , but eventually even they will run out and humanity turns to dust .


Christians love that kind of talk. "Blood moons!" "Planet Nibiru!"