Is there an environment friendly way to carry your groceries home?



Sure, they have special bags you can reuse. Some are made of a canvas and not plastic. You could use cardboard boxes, hard plastic tubs. Recyclable paper bags...


I have a bunch of fabric bags that I have collected over the years. They are great and I can wash them every so often.


First, bring your own bag. That will prevent you from using a plastic bag. Plastic bags are very difficult to recycle and are easily blown from landfills, thus causing pollution. If you're driving to and from the grocery store then try and combine your grocery trip with other errands so as to reduce driving. Also, try and buy as much of your groceries in one trip as possible. Cars use most of their energy just to move their own weight, so cutting down on your number of trips will cut down on pollution.


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I'll say, "Yes".