What can we do in our daily lives to help the environment?


Bubba Gubbins

Stop breeding like rats.


Not have children. Each new person is another draw on the environment.


1. Avoid plastic 2. Don't litter 3. Plant trees (atleast once every month) 4. Use vehicles which runs on electricity, batteries, solar energy or natural gas.


stop breeding!


grow a tree


Reduce reuse recycle. May sound like a Cliché, but the concept is perfect


We should not throw our waste outside rather than using proper place.


Refuse. could be plastics or any other single-use items. Not purchasing them at all is better than recycling, because trash is trash. Throw trash in the right bin. Don't litter. Don't smoke. Walk if you can. use a vehicle when you can't walk that distance. Bring your own eco bags when purchasing goods instead of receiving plastic bags for them! Have your own metal straws instead of contributing to single-use plastic use! Switch to bamboo toothbrushes, charcoal thoothpastes, and shampoo bars if you want to go that extra step!




We dont need to think it over and over again how we can help our environements everyday..if you put discipline in yourselves,,all things can put in a right place,no mess can harm oursoroundings..

Ni Hao Ma?

switch to a nalgene or something instead of that bottled water bull


Less plastic, less oil, less of bad other stuff and taking part in events that will help the environment.


Never bump into one, you could get GAY germs! Btw, have you bumped into a gay person?