What is the difference between recycling and selling? Are these both same?


Rick B

Recycling means to reuse an item (such as paper, glass, or metal). Selling means to give an item or service to someone in exchange for compensation.


Take a lead acid accumulator cell. We sell the battery having 12.72 volts for the market price of Rs. 10 000 for 150 Ah. Once the voltage comes down to less than 10 volts, we return the battery at Rs. 1 000 to the manufacturers so that they can re-use the lead to make a new battery which they sell.


recycle just means to save and use in a different way




The term "recycle" refers to the process in which an item or its components are used to create something new. ... Glass and aluminum are other commonly recycled materials. Recycling is technically a form of reusing, but it refers more specifically to items that are discarded and broken down into their raw materials.


No ofcourse,recycling means making a new things from useless materials,..or instead of throwing those nonsense things..much better to sold it to make money..