Do you think Japan will sink into the ocean in our life time or not in our life time?


Kano: https At 0.73 feet per hundred years, It is never going to happen.


I think 2011 will be repeated.


Then, throughout all of that, it could be a possibility that Japan disappears into the deep blue sea. And, to be honest, I do not want the disappearance of Japan because I've always dreamed of going there. It's just something that could happen. What would the world be like if Japan had left? Well, if Japan leaves, then some were and something else will take its place. So if a happy goose appears, another one appears.


No Japan will move south & become the largest island of Australia. Before coming to grips with the mainland. California will move to were Japan use to be. Becoming New Japan.& become a conservative Country. American will stand on mountaintops & wave good by.


Yes. Tuesday afternoon.




No why the aliens out there won’t let that happen they would have done it by now they are here to stay.


I personally believe that some states and cities will sink in Japan but the whole country will not sink.


According to West Side Story, (Anita) Puerto Rico may sink back into the Ocean

Pearl L

theres no way of knowing, it nnight never happen