For example when a pig is killed for food like bacon, do they straight up actually slaughter the pig or is it done in a different way?



They kill the pig and harvest all the meat for sale or use. Bacon comes from the belly. It isn't like the cut one piece meat off the pig and then sew it back up.

They Pelted Us With Rocks And Garbage

They put a metal bolt through his head.

Donnie Porko

They tie the pig up, hang it upside down, slit it’s throat and let the blood run out. It’s pretty much an instant death since that much blood loss would make it unconscious. They have to kill the pig as fast as possible and the pig must not endure prolong pain. They can’t hang the pig upside down for several hours because that causes unnecessary distress. They can’t stab it multiple times because that’s pain. The pigs are slaughtered quickly and pain is at a minimum.