Paper bags?

I personally think it's wrong how it's hard to find plastic straws nowadays I mean some people need them and they don't have the choice like me personally I could end up losing my teeth if I don't use a straw.. I don't get how the plastic ends up in the sea anyway but maybe if plastic is such a big deal then why are people still using plastic bags in supermarkets and stuff when they could just use paper bags and paper ones are better but it's not the same with straws because paper straws disintegrate? Maybe people should stop putting plastic in the sea I don't know how it ends up there but whoever does it needs to change it people like me who needs straws shouldn't have to suffer it makes me really angry to think about it. Is there a way that I could try to get people to use paper bags


Bullshit that you can't use a paper straw. They do not disintegrate. As for your paper bag comparison - I live in Los Angeles. Plastic bags have been banned for several years here and more recently in the state of California. Your options are to bring your own bag, pay 10 cents per to get paper bags or pay 10 cents per to get heavy duty reusable plastic bags. I've had no problem adapting to this myself - I bring bags when I'm not doing a huge shopping and just pay for paper when I do buy a lot. I then use the paper bags to collect my recyclables in. Everything makes its way to the ocean mainly because people are freakin' pigs. Whether at a personal level or an industrial level.


You could by plastic tubing like they use for oxygen machines and cut it in the size you want for a straw. It is a little thicker than a plastic straw but flexible and cheap.


I was about 6 when I gave up using straws jesus christ grow up

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hahaha your so full of it... You can buy plastic straws in almost any market and Walmart has boxes of them..


Buy a reusable straw if you need them


There are metal straws you can buy and keep forever. For example, Walmart carries them.

ckngbbbls: I use reusable bags and have for years. EDIT

I use reusable bags and have for years. EDIT: you know, we used to all have paper straws and funny how they worked just fine. Maybe if you learned how to drink out of a cup without banging your teeth against it, you wouldn't need any straws at all.


Most people who are against plastic straws are also anti-plastic bags. Many cities and towns have made it illegal for stores to offer plastic bags. If you care this much about the issue then maybe read up in how plastic ends up in the ocean. One way is by ships dumping their garbage wherever (commercial ships, cruise ships, etc.). Paper straws are not a problem.




Carry your own.


Most paper products are coated with plastic anyway, including coffee cups, straws and fast food boxes. Use fabric bags and skip the straw or use a reusable washable one. Throw waste away properly and recycle what you can. It won't make any difference to the environment, but at least you are doing what you can.


Yes, I prefer plastic straws. But they don't degrade .. they become PERMANENT garbage on a planet that is already starting to clog up from garbage. It is up to each of us to save our planet from becoming one massive garbage dump .. and yes, that requires changing our lifestyle and preferences. As for the plastic bags that stores use, they are starting to discourage people from using plastic bags by charging for them. And by selling re-usable bags. And those who HAVE plastic bags are SUPPOSED to put them into recycling bins, where the plastic will be reused, rather than thrown out to create more permanent garbage. Stop getting angry. It doesn't change anything except to make YOU unhappy. And also to predispose YOU to coming down with cancer. Yes, paper bags would be better, but even then THAT contributes to the deforestation of our planet, and the decrease in available oxygen, and the increase in global warming. Use reusable plastic bags. Reduce how much packaged food you buy.

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You could lose your teeth without a straw???? Really??? I assume you live in a liberal state like California, New York, or Washington? We have plastic straws at every restaurant and convenience store here in Texas.