What is your idea about air pollution and how can we remove it?


Been There, Done That.

Don't know what country you live in, but here in the USA, air pollution has been GREATLY reduced from what it was back in the 50's and 60's, and that's mainly due to constantly improved automobile emissions devices. Most everyone hates them, but believe me, they work. (One of the FEW things government has done right) When I was a kid in school, there were days when we couldn't leave the classroom because the pollution was so thick, and at home, your lungs hurt from breathing it, and you couldn't see more than about one forth of a mile. I've been breathing that crap all my life. I'm in my 70's and I'm still going strong, but I've moved to an area where the skies are clear and pollution is almost completely non existent.


Our present air pollution is from cars and coal. Coal use is rapidly fading out on it's own by temporary cheaper sources of natural gas. Wind and solar are growing to replace fossil fuels. Battery powered cars and trucks claimed to soon replace our fuel driven vehicles will clean up future air.


Air pollution has major causes,including ground-level ozone, particulate matter, lead, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and carbon monoxide. it's the cost of fast development of a society. What we can do? 1. Reduce Your Use of Automobiles 2. Plant More Plants 3. Go Solar 4. Mulch or compost leaves and yard waste

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The answer is not simple. If a few billion people hold their breath a few minutes a day, that would cut down on the CO2. Try that tomorrow at 10 o'clock.


death and I don't want to because some people on this earth deserve dying tbh


Air pollution is a big problem which is increasing every day in our life.to prevent us from planting trees more trees should be used

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With a giant Hoover vacuum cleaner like the one in Space Balls the movie. That'll suck the poisons right out of the atmosphere, and the air too.


Do you mean remove as in take away the pollution that's already been created or remove as in take away sources of pollution? Regardless, it would be better to reduce or eliminate the production of pollution first. Even if nothing is done to remove the pollution already caused, the Earth will slowly clean itself. Of course the pollution that's already here is causing damage like lung disease and global warming. Here are some ideas to reduce or eliminate the production of pollution: 1. Reduce energy consumption. You can do that by creating: More efficient transportation and housing. Buying local foods, clothing and housing materials. Slow down commerce and trade. Increase prices of stuff so people don't buy stuff they don't need. Although ironically if you do the oposite by lowering the prices of stuff and therefore increase living standards that helps reduce world population growth. 2. Turn to renewable energy sources, solar, wind, water, and get rid of fossil fuels. 3. Increase pollution standards and cracking down on those that don't comply with higher fines and prison sentences.


Would have to shut down every factory on earth and get the gov't to stop spraying chemtrails. Not going to happen anytime soon.


I thought a while ago that if we could make a chemical compound in spray that reacts to pollution to make some sort of inert polymeral snow that drops to earth we could spray it with drones, air balloons, etc. we could put it into tailpipes filters in cars, etc. We could do another process to distill or to incorporate the snow to Petroleum and make an Oil cycle. Then we could send rockets with drones to restore ozone layer.