Where can I sell myself?

I need the money because I have to pay my rent, Where are there places to do it?

Pearl L

you dont, you get help instead, go to social services, they nnight help you out, its dangerous to sell yourself, you could get an std or run into dangerous guys that way, not worth it


If you don't have a pimp, you'll be dead within a week. Don't get me wrong, I hate pimps, scum of the earth. Gonna take money from you while you spread your legs, it's not fair. But unfortunately as long as prostitution exists, pimps are needed. Otherwise the John can just not pay you, beat you, and kill you because without a pimp you're nothing but a dumb vulnerable girl making a bad decision. Not that having a pimp will eliminate all risks, I mean that life is known to destroy and kill girls regardless. Pimps just make hos last longer. Or you know, you could just get a job at a Starbucks or Walmart or something like that. Worst thing that can happen is maybe you deal with a crappy customer. Man, tough decision huh? Actually no.. it's not.


Downtown; red light district; on a street corner.


just go stand on the street corner in a tight leather speedo ..


Sell your *** on the street. ummm Cragslist.


There are a number of Markets. Of the main roads. In Asia, Bangladesh, India, Middle East. Were if you are in good working condition You can lease yourself for a year at a time out. Maybe be a summer bride or such.


Plasma places buy all the time


Madam is hiring and will offer good working conditions and $$$ U in Adelaide?


In the corner


Usually on street corners in the hood or truck stops, they usually buy over that way.