Why has the amount of litter on streets increased in the last 10 years?



the scumbag ratio has increased.


More disposable stuff such as plastic bags and bottles, fast food containers and excessive packaging. And lazy people.


Cause humans suck these days


McDonalds started being open 24 hours

Josh B

Higher and higher population, also less respect from people generally as IQ's drop with each generation.


1. Not enough trash cans 2. No one cares if it is really polluting the environment (which is serious and sad). 3. Increase in population and trash. People need to be educated about it. Don't let environment hate you.


Because there are more pigs.


Not enough trash cans


Some 60 years ago milk came in reusable glass bottles. Soft drinks came in reusable glass bottles, if you picked up 5 empty glass soft drink bottles you could take them to a store and get a full bottle of pop. Somewhere in the early 70's soft drinks came in aluminum cans. The aluminum cans were picked up and scrap dealers payed so much a pound for aluminum. In larger cities there were even machines that crushed, weighted the aluminum, and dispensed coin reward. Somewhere along 1990 that vanished with larger disposable plastic containers. Also population consumption of soft drinks expanded (along with the U.S. waistline) and our storm sewers flooded with errant empty plastic containers.

Ron Akia

Unfortunately, a good portion of it is due to the fact that many of us have become slobs and really don't give a ****! It won't go away and will only get worse.



westville sal

I don't know where you live, but where I do, it's just as clean as it has been in the past.


Politicians took away a lot of street cleaners.


kiki isn't riding with you

Dane Youssef

More homeless people More population in general. More budgets being cut left and right.


Because the conservatives want to teach that Al Gore a lesson for winning an Oscar.