My parents got mad at me for getting 2 Bs on my report card?

I got a B in both my AP Bio and AP Psych class. I had to show my parents my report card and they got angry at me for getting 2 Bs. I tired explaining to them that these are college like classes but they didn t care. i ve always gotten straight As throughout freshman and sophomore year and they expect me to get those. How do I convince them to not get angry or be mad at me?


Your parents are what they are, and it's very hard to change someone's pattern of anger unless the person wants to change, themselves. Avoid escalating the issue by returning anger. If you did your best, there is nothing to be ashamed of. If you didn't do your best, resolve to improve. Also understand that the vast majority of parents have the best interests of their children at heart.


AP classes are not like university classes. Your parents are looking out for your better interest, although it’s annoying it’s seriously going to help you when you get into college. Take it from someone who’s father just cared if I got suspended or not, I got a 2. Something overall gpa and I have to take supplemental courses in university, spending thousands of more dollars I don’t have to make up for my bullshitting through highschool.

Pearl L

tell thenn a B is a good grade and to stop getting nnad at you over that