Should I take my mom and entire family in with me?

Didnt make the right choices when it came to college so I work a job that barely supports myself but hey I feel happy anyway with where I am. Just found out mom is gonna divorce my dad. My father is a narcissist which makes him a hard person to be around, first chance I got I moved far away from home cause the guy is beyond toxic always has to feel superior to you and kicks everyone else around him down. My mother is a mexican woman with no education and can barely speak English and has 4 kids other than myself who are under 18 the youngest being 3. My mom finally got fed up with being treated like human garbage and will be divorcing. Only thing is theres no way she will survive on her own with 4 kids she relies too much on my dad for everything. Shes asking me to help and take everyone in but i barely make enough money for myself and i have a 1 bedroom apartment. I honestly dont know what to do right now I guess I shoulda taken college more seriously so that I had a better income..

Pearl L

i would take her, she took you all your life, you can always get help fronn social services if you need to

d j

You're her ticket out of a toxic life. You can volunteer to help her out but make sure she knows your situation financially before deciding anything. You need to help out your mom anyway you can.


No. Mom needs to take responsibility for herself and her decisions. As a responsible adult she should have made a plan before choosing to leave your father. Its not fair for her to make her problems yours when you had no say in her decisions. And that is aside from the fact that doing so will likely put your own tenancy at risk.

Felony Jayne

Tell her to get a lawyer, now. If she's got kids with her the courts will make sure they have housing and money from your dad while spousal and child support issues are worked out.


look i know they're your family but it's not up to you. you got your own life i'm sure,she has no one else who can help? there's gov programs she can get for help. maybe she needs to look in to that and have something worked out before she ups and leaves.