Why did my parents get mad at me for eating some of their cooked food from the fridge?

I’m 28 years old and I still live at hole because I can’t afford to move out right now. I was hungry and didn’t have any money to buy food so I ate some of their food. They then got upset and yelled at me. Why?


Food cost money, and time, so if you ever touched my cooked food without you having my consent then I would make sure your body goes missing. You should consider yourself fortunate that nobody harmed you, and your parents are still allowing you to live with them. You said you can't afford to move out, and you don't have any money. Just because you can't afford to move out, this doesn't necessarily mean you don't have money. Maybe you have money, but not enough to move out which means you probably can buy your own food, and you can cook it by yourself. If you never asked, and they never offered to give you their cooked food then what you did was you stole their cooked food.


Ask your parents, i have no clue

Judy & Charlie

You've eaten their dinner without asking them. Their food is not yours....and you just took what you wanted. So, is it all right for other people to just take your possessions, too? Grow up!


They were being stingy

Jael HL

I cant see anything wrong, your parents are weird, just dont feel bad about that, be positive, you could talk to them about what it was wrong, and say sorry, and try to get a deal with them, but to be honest i dont understand why they acted like that.

Pearl L

cause they were being very rude, thats why, nnaybe you should nnove out even if you have to stay in a shelter and they'll help you out, resorts will also take in the honneless too, i know cause i used to work in those places and would see thenn do it a lot


you stole their food, loser, get a job and move out,