Would a baby fix my problems?

I'm 17, haven't seen my mom for several months. My dad is in jail, I'm staying with my boyfriend and his parents. My dad gets out soon, but I still haven't seen him in several months anyway... My boyfriend is saying he wants a baby.... he says his parents will help and it will probably bring my parents to their senses and it will help me with my depression. I do honestly think they would get it together if I did have a baby, maybe open their eyes. And I have always wanted a baby. Is this a good idea.


A baby never fixes problems, but merely causes more.


My answer is no. I am single male, and I don't have kids. I have a college education, and I am self taught as well. I don't know why you think having a baby is going to solve problems. You having a baby will become your responsibility. Your boyfriend's parents can say whatever they want. If they decide not to help you anymore, then what do you think is going to happen next? I already know you would be an unfit mother, and since you didn't say anything good about your boyfriend then he is probably a loser who has no intentions of supporting his child, and yes this would make him an unfit father.


Are you kidding? People who have babies thinking this will solve life issues are not thinking rationally. Babies cause a lot of extra expense, they are a ton of work, you will lose sleep for up to a year, your social life will go down the shitter and more.... have you seen the price of formula and diapers lately? Cribs? Well baby visits and other doctor visits? Do you have health insurance and do you and your boyfriend have good jobs?....because you're going to need good jobs. And your boyfriend says his parents will help? If you're stupid enough to USE his parents for financial support, i feel for you. You need to get an education, develop a work ethic, and avoid getting pregnant until you are both financially and emotionally prepared to raise a child. If you did have a baby, your life would become ten times harder than you think it is right now. And "i have always wanted a baby" is another stupid reason to have one Don't wreck your life! Having children isn't glamorous. Give it several years before you have a child. (Unless you're totally stupid)


Getting a baby to come out of a depression is the worst thing you can do. How can you take care of a child when you have problems taking care of yourself? Please find help with your depression and learn to love yourself again before you take on the burden of raising a child. Having a child is a big responsibility and will change the rest of your life. It will not be so easy and you should inform yourself about the consequences and the cost before you make any decision. If you are in a good place in life and you can support yourself and your baby financially it might be a good idea, but not before that. Get help with your depression first and then look into the possibility to have children.


No, having a baby rarely fixes problems and often creates a whole set of new ones if you're not financially and emotionally ready to support the child. First off, have you even graduated high yet? Has you boyfriend? If not, getting a good job with no or few qualifications these days is a very difficult prospect. Yeah, your boyfriend's parents might help now but ultimately, you and your boyfriend would be responsible for supporting the child. Also, if you have depression, then bringing a baby into the equation is not a good idea right now. Many new moms suffer from post-partum depression which is often compounded by sleepless nights after the baby is born. Even during pregnancy, the hormonal changes in your body will affect your mood and possibly exacerbate your depression. Finally, you wouldn't be bringing this child into a stable environment. You don't have your own place - you're living with another family. From what you've said, in my opinion it would be better for you to work on your depression (maybe through therapy and/or medication), finish high school and even consider college, find a place of your own (possibly with your boyfriend), try and figure out how to deal with the situation with your parents, and then settle down before you even consider having a baby.


Please don’t use a baby as way to fix your problems!!! A baby is supposed to add to your joy but babies need a stable environment to grow up in!


Having a baby will fix nothing, only make things worse. Let your parents get therapy.


not a good idea right now

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it will compound your problems


No. They may tell you otherwise—but believe me, babies are terrible at things like plumbing and electrical work.


1. A baby will NOT bring your parents to their senses. No offense, but look at you. You were a baby once, look at how your parents behaved all these years with you. You really think a grandchild will make any difference? 2. A baby is a LOT of work! You have depression? Add a fussy baby who has bad days and keeps crying and crying and you don't know what else to do to make it stop while YOU are also miserable from your own depression. 3. Unless you marry your boyfriend, and unless he is VERY good with kids/babies and has NEVER been to jail for anything... 4. You're only 17... Wait until you're done with high school, have a steady career that pays enough to support a family. 5. Don't bring a baby into this world to raise them as a single mother on welfare getting help from your or his parents!... I have a great idea...before you get pregnant, volunteer at a daycare or orphanage, become a babysitter in your community, etc. You will have an idea for what being a mother is like!


Everything about this idea is ridiculous. (1) "My boyfriend is saying he wants a baby". He may be saying that, but your young boyfriend doesn't WANT a baby - he just THINKS he does. He has no idea of what having a baby is going to entail financially or emotionally - for him or for you. (2) You're only 17 and you probably haven't graduated high school. Who's going to care for a baby while you're in class? Surely, you don't expect his parents to do so. (3) "He says his parents will help". That's what he says, is it? He can't speak for his parents, and he can't predict what they will be willing to do. Have YOU talked with his parents about this and do you know if they will "help", or if they won't? You had better find out before you get pregnant. You could be in for a rude awakening. (4) "It will probably bring my parents to their senses". No; it won't. There's no way that YOU having a baby out of wedlock is going to bring your parents to their senses. They will NOT "get it together" if you have a baby. (5) "It will help me with my depression". It absolutely will NOT! Having a baby at 17 years of age is only going to make you even more depressed than you already are.

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Babies don't fix problems. If you have a baby, you'll still have all the same problems PLUS the stress of caring for a helpless frequently screaming human being on three intermittent hours of sleep per night. If having YOU isn't enough to motivate your parents to get it together, why would having a grandchild work? You say you suffer from depression. Ever heard of postpartum depression? Yeah, you'd be high risk. And that boyfriend of yours? Best case scenario he's just a blithering idiot to suggest this. Or the reason he is acting like a stereotypical controlling guy targeting a girl from a broken home and getting her pregnant ASAP to trap her is that that's exactly what hè is. Oh, by the way: his parents will help? Really? So you personally talked with them about their willingness to help? Or is this him telling you that if you guys completely blindside them with a pregnancy, they will almost certainly -probably - well, almost certainly possibly come around to helping eventually?

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No In fact, the smartest thing you can do right now is get a Norplant implant for birth control.

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PLEASE do not do this. I promise you, having a baby will NEVER solve problems like you posted. It will only create new ones. Ask yourself this, did your mom having you solve their problems. This is not to say never have kids, but PLEASE, do it the right way. Find someone you love, trust and can provide for you and the baby. MARRY THEM FIRST and then have a baby.


No. Incredibly bad idea. You’d be on the Titanic with a baby now, not the Love Boat.


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A baby just brings more hassle and u need to start balancing out things then and on top of ur depression it won’t work it’s like if your not truly happy with yourself how can you be truly happy with someone and be in a relationship hope it helps

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No having a baby will ADD to your problems you're way too young


Just make sure its a good quality baby. You dont want one of them cheap ones spring fora high price 1

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ABSOLUTELY NOT...…….listen to your own gut...…..and find even grandparents to live with...….move on.


17 is to young for sex or babies, female body finishes growing at 25 , wich iS when you give birth to healthiest offspring. Kid is fulltime job, ur life ends with kid, it will be all about the kid. Get work and education for urself, not kids for males


If this of serious, you're an idiot.


No it wont your to young for a child a Baby would make your life harder young Lady go to school

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i dont think so, it nnight create even nnore problenns


No. Having a baby at this time in your life will not solve any of your problems and will only create new ones. Finish school. Get a job. Live your own life for a while, and don’t expect your boyfriend’s parents to take care of everything. A baby is a full-time responsibility, and you and your boyfriend really aren’t ready for it yet. Grow up and get your life together before you even think about bringing a baby into the world.