Annoying copy-cat neighbors-I mean they copy everything all of the time that I do?

Copy my plants, my garden items, my flowers. Put in a birdhouse, a few days later they have one in the front of their house-same color-same style! They even copy when I take things in if going on a trip. They drive up and down my street-see them a lot. It's a dead end street. They live in back of me. I think it's to snoop and then copy things. It bugs me; it's like why don't they think for themselves. It's like someone copying your answers on a test. I find them annoying and CREEPY too. Something's wrong-with them. I'm not flattered. Something's off. Has this happened to you?


Might be that creepypasta


Got anything really expensive?? Put it out for a while or park it in your drive. Let them drive and stare at it. Then drool or empty their wallets trying to copy that. Laugh to yourself and forget them.


If my neighbors copied me, i probably wouldn't notice. I'm way too busy for that sort of stuff. I'm lucky i notice anything ever.


imitation is the sincerest form of flattery