Cheer or dance? Which should I do?

Next year I'll be a junior in high school and my counselor told me I need to become active in activities. I've always wanted to try out for the cheer team since I was little but my parents could never afford it. Since moving to Florida both my parents is wealthy enough to financially support the expensive sport. I even want to go as far as cheering in college. I admire the sport. The only problem is, I love to dance. I've been dancing literally since I came out the womb. Am I any good? no. But my dance teacher swears I have potential. The dance team at my school is very close. They have sleepovers, hang out all the time, and they consider each other family. But the cheer team talks mess about each other and they don't get along. I don't know which sport to do because although I LOVE to cheer, I don't want to be surrounded by negative energy. and although I LIKE to dance, I don't think it's something i'm passionate about. I like it but I don't love it. The dance team kids were telling me if I don't join the dance coach won't like me any more......