Does what I plan to do sound reasonable to you?

I got a call from my ex mother in law Lisa that her husband John had died and she wanted me to say a few words about him at his funeral. . I liked them both when I was married to their daughter Wanda so I willingly said yes to her request. They were both my fiends and I was sad that John had died. Lisa must of told her daughter Wanda that I was going to say a few words about her dad at the funeral. Wanda contacted me that she would be at her dad’s funeral with her new husband and she did not want him to meet me of have anything to do with me. Kind of an unusual request but I was cool with it so I plan to leave immediately after I talk about her dad at the funeral so I will not meet her new husband. Does that seem like a reasonable thing to do or would it be disrespectful to Lisa to leave the funeral service so early. YOUR ADVICE PLEASE.

Oh Boy!

Your loyalty here is to Lisa, please comfort her. Ignore Wanda.


Say what you are invited to say at the funeral and then leave after paying your respects. You don't need to cause anyone any grief.