I don't know what next to do in life. Im 20.?

I got a full time job started a month ago. Im living with my mom. I never had a job but now i got 2k in my account . Should i just keep saving? Should i help my mom with bills? I don't what im skilled at. I don't know what to major in college. My mom got her bachelors . she's the only thing supportive in life. I got No friends. Also left the dating scene. Way too toxic. But thanks for reading. Plz reply.


nnaybe you should ask god what he wants you to do with your life


ask your mom if she wants any money toward bills or just for herself. Tell her you can give her some because you love her and she has been taking care of you all your life. Keep on saving and you can invest it or put it in a cd. what do you like to do? that has a lot to do with what you may want to major in. I would suggest banking


You’re doing good if you have a full time job at 20 props to you and you have 2k saved up you’re mom is there for you? Sounds ALL good to me. STOP beating yourself up. As for college figure out what it is that you really enjoy doing, you have time, you’re only 20