Is it wrong to distance yourself from a friend with depression who's like an emotional leach?

Let's say you have a longtime friend who's diagnosed with depression. Maybe when you were teenagers you got along because you were a moody teenager too, so it felt like you were in tune, but now as an adult you're more of a free spirit while your friend is very much shackled by their depression. Your friend refuses medical advice. They won't do counseling, or will themselves to do or try anything that might help. Instead they spend nearly the entirety of their time trying to drag everyone else to their level. Everything is made to be about them, and it's like they can't acknowledge other people have feelings too. Yes, this person has a medically diagnosed disorder, and they may actively rely on the emotional support you give them, but you're tired of being in a completely one-sided friendship. You want a life of your own without being involved with someone who will not improve. You have spoken with them, but of course they take your concerns as an attack. Is it wrong to distance yourself from this friend?


Your decision. I personally would distance myself. Unfortunately I don't have time for that right now.