Known a family for 13yrs and False Accusations?

How would you deal with a friend or even a whole family who over the years, constantly accuses you of things you didn t do? The answer may be obvious but I do feel comflicted, I want perslectives. I truly feel unappreciated and seen as some horrible person in there eyes, they must be two faced to me all the time. It just doesn t make sense. In the last 2 years these accusations have escalated to levels of accusing me with things that police have been involved in, to sleeping with a boyfriend & so on. I ve known this friend and family for around 13 years. On and off friendship.

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If this happen once time - and if the relationship was worth saving, I would forgive it. But it's been over 2 years and with MANY MANY accusations. WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! do you continue to be around them.


I'd start leaving them alone full time and permanently. That's likely their messages as well. Lots of people on this globe. These people you've known for 13 years aren't your friends anymore. You do not have to convince them of your innocence. They want to feel as they do. Too bad. The friendship is off.


leave them if they dont trust despite you being with them for 13 years


You need to avoid them at all costs.