What to do with a friend who asks to hangout everyday?

okay so I have this friend who always asks to do things every weekend.. it gets really annoying.. i get sick sometimes and he doesnt even care and tells me okay, we will go tomorrow.. and then i tell him im still sick the day after and he says.. "okay.. we will go next week.." he does not even care how i feel it is like im forced to hang out with him just because i told him i would.. he gets mad when i say i cant.. i have other friends i want to hang out with and because he always asks me before i make plans with my other friends, i can't hang out with my other friends at all.. last semseter we did not even talk for 4 months because he got mad that i kept saying that i did not want to hang out with him.. and we are in the same class this semseter so we started talking again and now he is asking to hang out every week.. im getting so tired of it.. i still want to be his friend so it does not feel so awkward but i wish he did not ask everyday if we can hang out.. this is really complicated and some may think like why can't i just stop being friends with him? well since we are in the same classes, we can help each other and still it is nice to have a friend around.. it's like if i say no, he simply just asks another person to go to places he wants.. maybe so he can post on his instagram to show off he hangs out every week.. and we always go to the same places every week.. it is so boring.. i jsut dont know how to tell him that i cant hang out with him all the time without making him mad and not talk to me again..


I don't get it. You don't want to hangout with him, and if you don't, he picks someone else anyway..... but you are scared of losing him as a friend??? He isn't a friend.. he's a user, an idiot, a nothing. You are being used, he doesn't care about you (You know that already) so why are you doing what he wants and not what you want? Who cares if he gets mad? Does he make you feel bad about yourself when you stand up to him? That is coercion, and it is gaslighting... look up both things and recognise whats going on here. The guy is a moron... have a life, and don't let this loser waste any more of it.


He sounds like a maniac