When you don’t have real friends?

I have realized that I never really had friends, I had some good friends but after I left town with my partner and family nobody ever check up on me usually it was me calling on the to see how they were. I have one friend and I do consider her a friend but we don’t talk on a regular basic we did before years back when I still live in town. I would always make the long drive to go see her. She hasn’t came once and sometimes things hurt a little. I have always been a good friend the one that reaches for others but I also feel that I never got back some of that love. And i had more close friend relationship at least to me they were genuine. Has this happen to anyone?


Loyalty was always a big thing too me but it wasn't until I left for college that I realised I made all the calls and sent all the messages, at first I thought we'll in fairness that's the way it's always been so maybe the fact I moved away mean I need to make the change. So nobody kept in touch, in fact the one lad who did was a friend I bearly spoke with in school. So a year passed or so and I made new friends and tried to get my old friends in with them, turns out we all are in different groups now, we're friends in the sense if we met each other we'd get chatting but not great friends, I think we were different fish in a small pool and when we got out we met the same kind of fish, I'm big into sports and nights out, my old friends spends 24/7 on the xbox and another turns out he's gay and goes to a different scene than we ever did, that's only 2 extreme examples but wasn't it better for all of us to have met new people.