Divorce/Alimony advice? (Nevada)?

Okay, so my boyfriend needs to get a divorce from his wife who lives in Moldova. They’ve only been married for a little over two years. He is scared of having to pay alimony because we don’t make that much money together, so he doesn’t want to even try to look into a divorce. But I don’t want to be with someone who is married to someone else. She could work but does not want to. Has never had a job in her life. She leeches off of her mother and she’s 22 years old. She messages him for money, saying he cannot see their child unless he gives her money, etc. There are also messages of her saying she will tell their son he is a horrible parent and doesn’t love him (this kid is only 2), and of her asking for a divorce herself (last year, when he was in Moldova still.) She even has a boyfriend she is trying to hide from him, but I found the guy on Instagram and they are indeed together. But to spite ME and our relationship, she won’t go do it herself. What would he have to do to get a divorce from her because she’s in another country, how much would he have to pay her if he had to pay her at all, can he have rights to seeing his kid, and overall, how much is this process going to suck? I want to help him do it before it’s too late. And if he won’t divorce her it’s over 🤷🏻‍♀️


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"I don’t want to be with someone who is married to someone else......And if he won’t divorce her it’s over 🤷🏻‍♀️", yet you got with him knowing he was married? So sleeping with a married man is OK? Apart from that he could be using the complications as an excuse not to put his head in the noose again. How long are you prepared to wait? International divorces can be incredibly costly and drawn out process - Lawyers where you are communication with lawyers where she is, the delays in all the paperwork going back and forth, etc. And if she's going to kick up a fuss, well? Is HE really worth all that? Isn't there better alternatives where you live?


This is NOT your business. Do this and only this .. tell him to book a half-hour with a lawyer to find out what his rights and obligations are. It is possible that your fears have no basis in reality. I do not know if Nevada Divorce Laws would prevail, or if Moldova Laws would prevail. And every State has different laws. But this is not YOUR divorce, so keep your nose out of it. You will find out when all is said and done what it comes to.


He sues her for divorce where SHE'S ESTABLISHED RESIDENCY. That appears to be Moldova. I don't understand why YOU are upset that his wife has a bf. You've already said you're HIS gf. How noble of you to plan for it to be over if the divorce costs too much money.


Okay, so you found a guy who abandoned his young wife and their child and left their country, and who doesn't want to support her or the child in any way, yet still wants to be thought of as a "great dad". How does that work? She even has a boyfriend? Well, this guy has a girlfriend (you), so what's your point? Now he's mooching off you for advice and support, and he's not getting a divorce. My advice: quit dating until you understand how to choose a good man. Don't settle for less.

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She's trying to spite you? He probably left her with promises of earning money so they could all immigrate and have a better life. Advice? Decide if you want to stay with someone who's abandoned his family. I'll bet her story is very different to the line you're being fed.