How did this even happen?

I went with my wife and a friend to Ensenada, Mexico and we met another couple who lived there. We all went downtown and to a few of the bars. I had a few drinks (ok maybe more than a few) and then we got a ride to our hotel. On the way back I sat in the back of the car next to my wife, who sat next to another attractive woman who was the wife of our new friend. I reached my arm around my wife and started rubbing her hand with affection. She rubbed me back with equal affection but then I realized I was holding the hand of the other woman. I was shocked but I was enormously turned on and so I didn’t stop. The woman kept on with it too. I was thinking maybe this woman liked it as much as I did. I don’t cheat so I didn’t follow up on it. I’m just wondering why she would return my affection instead of pulling her hand away.


Clearly she did it for the exact same reason you did it: it turned her on. It's possible that she too wouldn't have cheated on her husband, but you both enjoyed your little flirty moment there.


She was drunk.


This fantasy is getting very old. Things are even more boring for you in Mommy's basement than I had imagined. I'd suggest you actually date a real live woman. That will keep you occupied.


You don't stop being human just because you get married. This works the same for both men and women. You can make a promise to only have sex with your wife or husband, but you can't turn off your feelings of desire for other people. Most of your story is boring and rather predictable. You were turned on, so was she. The only surprising part is that she was demonstrating physical affection while sitting next to your wife. I can only guess she was really REALLY drunk to the point where she did not care about the possible consequences of making your wife really really angry. As you are not the cheating type, there is no reason to analyze the situation further.


Just because she didn't want to pull her hand away... that's why she did not. Maybe she thought there was a possibility for a threesome? Who knows?


take a glass of milk to your room  drink the milk  fap  milk yourself into the glass  that's what i've been doing since i started beating it