I'm a young widower, this isn't cheating is it?

I'm 26 years old. My wife died 9 months ago in a car wreck. I have been sleeping with her best friend for 3 months now. This isn't cheating is it? I've been thinking about getting an engagement ring.


Cheating? Hardly. Our marriage commitments end with the death of our spouse. "Until death do you part" is usually part of our vows. Your relationship with her best friend is not cheating, but it may be only temporary, to console each other thru mourning. I'm sorry about the death of your wife at a young age. It must be very difficult for you.

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go for it......you cant cheat on the deceased


NOT cheating!!!!


She's dead. Who would you be cheating on? Everyone grieves in a different fashion. I was widowed in my late 20's. I didn't date for two years, let alone start a sexual relationship.

Coach Simon

I am sure that your wife loved you and would want you to be happy. Her friend too. It is not cheating!


It's not "cheating", but it's a very foul thing to do. I mean, would your wife be wanting you to be f*cking her best friend? That's kind of disloyal and wrong, its not technicalyl cheating but its almost worse bcuz this girl DIED and yall disrespecting her corpse like that. Obviously you went thru a lot with the loss, but your wife actually IS DEAD, and thats real messed up to actually BE dead, especially at that young age. You couldnt have found ANY other girl to be f*cking besides her best friend? Really dude? And dont get me wrong, Im a guy and married myself, I usually stick up for the guys on this site and I was a player/manhoe back in my single days, dont get me wrong, but I just feel like banging your dead wife's best friend is a little low down. Thats just my view of it. I dont think its right