My husband rarely wants sex but masturbates on a regular basis. I feel like I don't matter and our marriage isn't complete. Very lonely?



If this is troubling to you and you don't have a similar desire to take matters into your own hands, you should consider sharing your reaction with your partner and suggest you would very much like to assist him when he feels the need. If he's willing and you are able to do that, then the threat of his masturbation will rapidly disappear.


You must understand it that men typically like sex more often than women do. And they often can satisfy them selves with masturbation. You should not take this personally he is just letting off an urge. It does not mean he does not like you or it does not mean that he does not want you it just means that he is getting off so that he can relieve himself. You should talk to him about this and it will be OK.

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sound like you need a marriage counselor.


He loves the feeling of going solo..he loves to bring his legs up and shoot his load inside his mouth