What would you do if your husband does not likes your in-house clothing?

Being at home and wearing your comfortable cloths so you can do your chores, cook clean etc...my husband comments about my cloths that it does not attracts him. It bothers me and affects my self-esteem. Any advise...


Go shopping to find good home wear with your husband.


Try dressing a little sexier. Try going braless in a tight t-shirt. You might not have to do anything special to turn him on.


Why does it "bother you and effect your self-esteem" if he doesn't like your clothes. Maybe tell him if he took you out once in a while, you'd consider dressing different. Meanwhile, your husband is just like all other men -- dumb

The Lord Humungus.

So you're upset that he isn't sexually aroused by you when you're dressed like a slob. Get over it. You don't get to dictate what he finds arousing or not arousing.


While doing house work I also like to wear a pair of sweats or shorts and a tee shirt. It is comfortable and you don't care if they get dirty. But when I am done I will put on something a bit nicer ..fresh and clean. Don't know anyone who gets all dressed up to sit around the house unless company is coming over.

Barb Outhere

Nothing to stop you wearing the comfortable clothes during the day and getting changed for dinner, or when he gets home. Or making one day a week a "dress up" day so BOTH get some of what they need.


I would have to see a picture of you in your cloths in order to make an informed opinion.

No Mercy

if my husband commented on my in house clothing i would ask him what sort of clothing does he want and change it. he is at work most of the day anyway, so u can wear whatever u want when he is not there. and also comfortable clothing does not need to be old, ugly and looking like u have been rolling in a dumpster.i have tight sweat pants and tight t shirt - i have perfect body, i m comfortable and my husband likes it

Felony Jayne

There are tons of comfy + nice looking casual clothes! Think about it... Would you like it if he walked around wearing ugly sweatpants and old tee shirts? Probably not. Buy some cute lightweight cardigans, and comfy stretchy pants in a solid, flattering style (they don't have to be tight fitting). Spend 15 mins on your hair & makeup and make him drool over you!

Suzy Q

That's a sensitive issue. Now if he expects you to prance around in stiletto heels looking like a sex kitten all the time, that would be unfair and controlling. You have every right to be comfortable in your own home. But if you dress nicely for the outside world while he only ever gets to see you in your most raggety sweats, I can see how that would be frustrating for him. It sends the message that he isn't worth making even the slightest effort to look nice. And that affects HIS self-esteem. You can look nice AND be comfortable while cooking and cleaning. In order to wipe down the kitchen you don't need to look like you're about to paint the room. It's perfectly possible to sweep the floor and cook dinner in well-fitting jeans and a nice sweater, or - my favourite secret pajamas - a nice jersey or knit dress. And wouldn't that be GOOD for your self-esteem? As a stay at home mum it certainly makes me feel more a part of society to go about my day wearing 'real' clothes.