Why do so many young people nowadays have children without marriage?

Why do so many young people have children without getting married?


My cousin isn’t exactly young any more, but he and his partner are still together after three kids and no marriage (they met in their late twenties). Many of my cousins who did marry and have kids all got divorced at least once.


you don't need too be married to have children


Because they have seen so many of their parents' marriages end in divorce. At one time, divorce was almost unheard of- that doesn't mean the marriages were better, they just weren't allowed to end them. There were often affairs and mistresses, while the good wives held down the fort, and often continued to have children for lack of birth control. Modern safe birth control allowed more women to work outside the home, and enter professions- and become financially independent. It's a safer and different world, when you are able to make your own decisions. And sometimes that means people are able to have children without having a husband. They still have fathers, but the parents aren't necessarily bound together, and for some, that means everyone is happier.

Ross James

They see no need in getting married.

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divorce is expensive


who cares


not exclusive to young people simply a change of society values previously it was frowned upon to have children out of wedlock previously priests could molest children with impunity now women allowed to vote women allowed to drive same sex can marry the world has gone mad

The Football God

Cuts down on the divorce ate.