Boyfriend doesn’t want to share a bed?

We’re going on vacation with his family. He doesn’t want to have sex with me until we’re married like he wants to do it but he says I’m special and wants to wait until he wife’s me which I think is really sweet but we’re talking about who’s gonna stay with who. I think I’m sleeping in the same bed as his mom and he’s gonna sleep on a couch. Or maybe we’ll bring an air mattress I’m not sure. But is sharing a bed sexual? I know it may lead to sex which he wants to prevent but we may stay in a different room than his mom. We still don’t know yet


When you are on a diet you don't hang out in the donut shop, right? The same idea is why he doesn't want to sleep in the same bed. You don't want to test temptation if you don't have to do so. If I were you I would be far more focused on his desire to include you with his family.

Emily Rose

Sharing a bed increases your chances of something sexual happening before getting married and he knows this so that's why he's not wanting to share a bed. It sounds like he really loves you i don't think it's anything personal.


And you're going along with this? Really, sleeping in the same bed with his mother? Are you mad? I think you need to reassess marrying this guy.This is crazy stuff. Tell him you intend to sleep by yourself. Tell him that he can sleep by himself, but you are not sharing your bed with his mother. Take an air mattress for yourself and sleep on it.


My boyfriend is the same and he wants his own room or a new sofa bed he says he can't sleep with me because I kick too much and make too much noise and pull the sheets he said his ex was the same and they had separate rooms but got engaged occasionally for sex hookups but then went back to separate rooms so I guess it's normal


Work that out before you go, then decide


No But yes


that's AMAZING. DONT SHARE A BED. your bf is very rare. do whatever u can , there are options. stop caring about nothing

Dr. Stephanie

You didn't ask a specific question, but I get that you are uncertain and confused as to what to do about this. If you are going along with his family, respect their wishes (and his) and sleep wherever you are invited to do so. Check it out in advance, and if you are still uncomfortable, don't go. If it were I, I'd prefer the couch to sleeping with his mother, or any other family member for that matter.

Marie And Alan

Not our business. What do his parents say?


Hes trying to be good and do the right thing, let him. You should try too. The sleeping will sort itself out.

Blue Sky 🐾

I see no reason why the two of you can't sleep in the same bed and no, it won't be sexual. Just don't wear any lingerie or sleep naked, lol.

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i believe in sex before marriage to see compatability


He's a closet gay. You read it here first.


Oh men! he likes men!