Intimacy issues after teenage sexual abuse?

I have fallen for a woman who has extreme intimacy issues after abuse from her father. Hugging, touching, kissing all make her feel uncomfortable. She doesn't like an intimacy during sex or even seeing her partners face. Does anyone have advice for helping her deal with this. She just says it is her job to "get over this". But I feel that might not be realistic given that it has been over 20 years.


It's her job to get over this, but she doesn't have to do it alone, and you are not the one to help her, much as you care, since you are her lover and sex partner. After twenty years, she needs professional therapy. Best of luck.


she needs to either chat to u about it or a professional .

Blue Sky 🐾

Well, she' partly right. It is her job to get over what happened to her, but she needs the help of a therapist do that and she can't do it alone. So please encourage her to see someone.


She needs to go to a sex therapist. That's not something you can do for someone else, but you can tell her you're not staying in a relationship with someone who isn't going to work on serious personal issues. That's all you can do. You shouldn't sacrifice your own mental health for the sake of someone who wants to avoid her problems.


treat her with respect and if you like her take everything very very slow

Emily Rose

She needs to talk to a professional some things are too serious for yahoo answers.


Help her stand by her