How do I make it clear that we’re just friends?

So I’m at college and I became friends with this guy in my Spanish class and we started studying together to keep on top of work. Since we became friends we also joined this walking society thing to take walks around the local area with other students. Sometimes we also meet to cook or eat together sometimes with others sometimes just us. He’s a really nice guy and we have fun hanging out together but recently I’m pretty sure he started to like me in a different way and I really don’t want him to make any moves or anything. I don’t want to bring it up in case it embarrasses him etc but then how do I make it clear that I only want to be friends?


Stop taking up so much of his time. He's not a girlfriend. It's natural that, what with the cooking and eating and long walks and alone time that sound like dates.. he'd start thinking you like him as a male. Change what YOU are doing and he'll notice.


pretty easy just make it clear set some boundaries.


Start avoiding him.