I get hit up for casual sex a lot? And I do not want to have sex outside of a relationship?

Why does this happen if you were to guess?


Your appearance, your behaviour and your lifestyle. Less clothing/sexy/tight clothes? Signifies easiness to have sex with, a willingness and intention to consume alcohol and party. Going out a lot especially with groups of girls? Side chick good for a quickie. Making these two things part of a regular routine? Shelved slut


So do most females but the majority say no---- slappers say yes


There’s nothing wrong with that 1st 2nd some people just like to be with you me person it don’t mean your gonna arty them


probably because people are desperate, don't get your hopes up, if you have nothing else to do casual sex is probably a good way to occupy yourself and make yourself feel good.


Probably because you are very appealing to the other sex.