Is it bad if I have sex with my ex?

So I married my husband in 2015 in due to him joining the army, moving away, and me wanting to be with him. 6 months later it got physical whenever we would argue and I found out he was talking to girls about meeting up places etc. and I came back to NY I also had a lot to figure out and he wouldn’t help me with getting my license, a car, etc. so I just left. It’s now almost 3 years since I left him. Also a year after I left him he came to NY on leave and he visited me and we argued and he was being verbally abusive and made me cry and another time he put his hands on me and my neighbors called the cops, so now this is like 2 years after all that. We are still legally married but we’ve been seeing other people and I don’t feel bad for doing so when he was away because he was talking to other people before we even broke up and he once sent me a voicemail of him having sex with another girl. So yes, I met another guy, and he opened my sexuality up so much, we recently ended it because I found out he wasn’t being faithful so I haven’t had sex. One thing about him is he NEVER made me ***, my husband knows how to make me *** and I haven’t had a man do that in years, so like recently we’ve texted and yesterday I went to his house to smoke with him and it was cool and stuff and I want to have sex and I can wait for someone else if it’s a bad idea but is it a bad idea if I tell him we should try to have sex? I know he still loves me and wants to be with me. Maybe it’s a bad idea


Sorry to rain on your parade but you sound just like every other girl/woman on the planet that's suffering from low-self-esteem and no real respect for yourself. Having higher standards might not suit you now but the more you don't question why you're not getting out of life what you should you'll forever be trampled on by losers like your ex and the last guy you hooked up with. Also, thinking about sleeping with your ex based on the fact it was able to make you *** say a great deal about you also in the bedroom. There are two people involved during sex or love making, however, a majority of the time it's just sex for most couples, hence, girls/women are usually never satisfied. Boys/men are usually useless in the sack as their organ function on temperature, so once engulfed by a pussy, its generally all over in a matter of minutes, lol. However, girls/women need far more foreplay time and boys/men seriously are not down with that. Are they f**king stupid, hell yes? There's nothing so gratifying than pleasuring a girl/woman's sexual organ with your mouth or what she would like you to use until she showers on your face bigtime. Easy Moretime time it's a family site, lol. I wish you the best whatever you decide knowing that you're taking care of business only and not making a fool out of yourself!


It kind of makes no sense. If fidelity is important to you, breaking up with a boyfriend because he cheats to have sex with a husband who cheats is, well, hard to understand.

Suzy Q

Well, I don't know. Is it bad tot get sucked back in by the abusive ex you're only a divorce signature away from escaping, or is it only monumentally stupid? Your experience with your most recent cheating ex shouldn't teach you that you're better off with your estranged abusive cheating husband, but that you urgently need to develop better guy-picking skills, or even better living-without-a-guy skills. Possibly with professional help. Oh, and if you're THAT desperate for an orgasm, buy a damn vibrator. You obviously need to learn how to take care of yourself in more ways than one.