Is this a problem and what should i do?

So ive been dating my girl since September so almost 5 months and we live 15 min away but it feels like long distance. So we cant go out and do things together since her parents doesnt know about me and shes afraid of telling them. We only went on 2 dates and hung out like 4 times but she had to lie every time and the last time she said shes never sneaking out again but we do work in the same place so id probably see her once a week maybe 2 but even when we work together she doesn't want us to act all lovey dovey since were on the clock cause apparently other coworkers complained about it but that was our only time to even do anything together but it feels pathetic to me but i understand. We havent been intimate in like 2 months and when i wanted to make out today she didnt feel like it but i got mad cause ik im going to have to wait till next week to see her again but i don't even talk to her like that while at work since were so busy. She seems cool with everything but im the only one complainning but i guess i could be overreacting. She thinks her mom is going to use the fact she has a bf to make her life worse she adopted so i get it but idk. Shes 18 and im 21.


You need to read over what you just wrote. And think, if that was a friend of yours, what would you say. I think you'd say, what are you doing? Why are you "dating" a person who can't see you and interact with you like a normal couple. Then look around you, there are many girls in this world who would go out with you in public, enjoy being with you and who you could have a real relationship with. This thing you are in is a mess and not acceptable. You need to leave her.