I've blocked my LDR BF on whatsapp and he blocked me back, did I overreact? How can I solve this issue?

I've talked to my 2 yr LDR BF (1yr in same city, 1 long distance. (he is 37, Im 32) about letting me know when he goes out & when he gets home, but sometimes he doesn't do it! We just talked about it last weekend, he knows this upsets me & he didn't text me on Sat again when he got home. Last msg I got from him was at 2pm (8pm his time) & I waited until 10pm (5am his time) to text him, I saw him online & he did not bother to open my text that said "here we go again.." then at 11pm I said "you are online & don't open my msg, you must be so busy.." then I blocked him, and he read my msg, saw that I blocked him & blocked me back. Of course we will have to talk at some point, but I don't think I have to be the first one to unblock him or reach out when I've been clear about what I expect, am I wrong? Thank you everybody! Sometimes I think I act like a mom, I know guys don't like the "blah blah" but we are in a relationship & I think we have to put equal effort.


If you blocked him then WTF do you care if he's also blocked you? You sound dramatic, insecure and childish. Stop with the stupid mind games if you want a loving, mature relationship. Of course, if you enjoy all the drama (which I suspect you do), then KOKO I guess. Just stop whining and complaining to other people that your relationship is *so complicaaaaatttted* because I'm sure they're sick of hearing about it.