Should I take offence to being called a b*tch by my love interest?

So this is the situation I met a guy Friday of last week we clicked brilliantly! He’s lAmerican and I’ve lived in the country for roughly 5 years on and off! We’ve been talking all weekend and I had posted something on Snapchat story about not understanding American football. And his response was “b*tch you’ve been here for 5 years you can learn 😂”. I know to some degree this is a joke...but this isn’t a way in which anyone has spoken to me. I call myself the b word when I’m alone and critical of others. Like “oh I’m such a B”. My friends have never called me that or to my face and if they did I wouldn’t take offence to it! Why am I hurt by this? I haven’t responded he’s sent a Snapchat that I haven’t opened since last night! I thought if I slept it off I might wake thinking I was overreacting. But my feelings are still hurt. Why is that and should I tell him so? Or would he think “what and easily offended guy”


The way he said that was very disrespectful. Later you might have a private sit-down with him, and let him know you did not like the way he talked to you.

Cryptic Midnight Shadow

Just tell him that you know it was meant to be a joke but your feelings were still hurt so if he could please just not call you that in the future.


“what and easily offended guy” you are a guy? yes he will think you are easily offended

Blue Sky 🐾

Yes you should and that relationship should have ended on the spot. Forget the sit down.


I certainly would not like it if my love interest called me a 'b' and I certainly wouldn't disrespect myself the way you as you explained.