What can I do concerning the women where I live?

Where i live the women either looks like they box or they look like a twelve year old boy. They don't have anything feminine traits or characteristics and the boxer women hardly do look feminine. They both are all out tomboys. They tend to have a prejudice against the Caucasian white male, But hangs with guys (mostly white male) but wants to be 'one of the dudes' They tend to get really angry when guys flirt with them, the boxer looking ones would actually get aggressive about it. The boxer looking ones, if you make them mad they would either express a violent outburst or get physically violent or both. They both go extra lengths to try not to make themselves look hot, attractive or sexy, as most of them don't shave their legs or wear a braw.


show then you big one

Cryptic Midnight Shadow

*bra At least spell it right if you are going to troll.