What is your honest opinion of this...?

There’s is this guy. We work together, he has been giving a lot of signs lately that he’s interested (calling me by a nickname, looking at my lips when I talk, being nice to my friends all of a sudden, copying my phrases and words, looking over at me, coming over to me, talking gently to me etc.) The other day he followed me to the break room, I was on my own and he took an ‘unofficial break’, he sat down and started making conversation with me, he told me his life story and future plans and was very attentive, he then said that he plans on moving back to his home country eventually and can’t get attached to a girl here because he doesn’t want to stay here forever, he also said that his mother is from my country and converted for his father and moved back to his country with him (they’re Muslim). I then found out he was a year younger, when he realised that I was disappointed he said that I look younger. Afterwards I was flirting with two guys from my country- he kept looking at us and got so mad with one of the guys afterwards, he got quiet and kept looking at me. Opinions?


My honest opinion is not to encourage him since he is going to move back to his country.


He knows he's not staying here so just priming you for some free sex I reckon. He isn't interested in a non muslim woman , unless you're gonna convert and move back to where his parents are? Just ignore him. Plenty of men are nice and attentive.


He was testing the waters to see if you were (maybe) the type to convert and move to be with him. Or perhaps he wanted sex and was looking for a NSA fling before he headed back. It sounds like he was at least honest with you. Maybe he felt a little peeved that you weren't interested in either of those options. That's kind of immature.


Well, if he isn't going to live here permanently, it might not be wise to form a relationship with him. Sure, he's interested but maybe he just wants sex or is looking for a wife. If you aren't interested, don't encourage him.


😂😂he likes you, why would he care about you flirting??


He thinks you are loose as a goose.