Should u have a bachelor and bachelorette party b4 getting married I honestly don't want to?



We didn't. You have to make really clear--flat statements, not hints--to your friends and families that you don't want this, otherwise someone who's misguided will assume you do.

Dances with Weed

You certainly dont have to.


You should only have a bachelor or bachelorette party if it's something you want to do. I never had one. My husband never had one. Neither of us wanted one and neither of us feel we were really missing out by not having them.

Beverly S

You don't have to.


It's never required, so if someone offers you a party you are free to say "Thanks but no thanks." A bachelor(ette) party also doesn't HAVE to include alcohol, strippers, gambling, and other "debauchery" things if that's not your style. You can do a sports game, a comedy club, go karts, video games, a movie, a spa day, golf, a nice dinner, wine tasting, an art class, or a backyard cookout, for example. So if someone offers you a bachelor(ette) party and you would like to get together with friends but don't want something intricate or risque or expensive, feel free to express those wishes and see what they suggest. And if nobody offers you a bachelor(ette) party, then you don't get one. Then the problem is solved!


Not a legal requirement


Of course not. But you don't get to decide what your partner wants. If you don't want one and he/she does want one, just stay out of it.


It's not mandatory.


I don't know what you "should".... do what is comfortable for you.

Stephen McBride

I didn't.


It's not required. Totally up to you.


You should if YOU want to. Otherwise say no thanks.


If you don't want to have one -- then do not have it.


You have one IF someone wants to host one. If you don't want to attend, you simply tell the person you don't want them to organise it.. DUH.


If you don’t want it then listen to yourself- don’t do it. Why do what most people do if you don’t see the point of doing it?


Who knows


My husband and I never had those parties. They're strictly optional.


Of course you don't have to. Seriously, what's going to happen if you don't.


No, not if you don't want to. It isn't a legal requirement.


It is not a requirement


It is your wedding, you dont have to

Kathy Smith

you don't have to it is your choice


It is traditional but it's your special time and you can choose how you wish to celebrate it.... or not.


They are not needed. They bride and groom are honor guested, their gift is that they are paid for. They should not plan them. If they do not want one, one is given, they should go and be kind. Bachelor and Bachelorette party should be about the bride or groom. If they do not drink or like strippers, that type party should be planned. They could be bowling or hunting or fishing or a cooking or painting class.


It's up to you, after all it's your wedding and you do what you want to make everything perfect in your eyes.


Maybe if you understand the true meaning of the bachelor and bachelorette party is. Its a going away party. Once married you will disappear to married people land apart from your single friends for year to come. Yeah, I know, you won't be that kind of couple, right? Wrong. You will be and you are just in denial. Thus if the majority of your friends are single, definitely have the party. But if they are mostly married, skip it.