What costs go into a wedding venue?

I know there s the actual rental fee and usually a security deposit...but besides the catering and decorations, are there other factors that tie into the overall general cost of the venue? Thanks


It depends on the specific venue. Ask.


This really depends on the Venue. Some charge a fee for a sercurygarud if there is alcohol. Some charge for parking. Some charge an extra fee to put specific items on the tables, such as menus, or placecardsor centerpeices. There are alway upgrades that have a fee. Better or color table linens, chair covers, up lighting. Some will supply your wedding cake for an extra charge. Some have different chairs to pick from. There will be an extra charge if you hold the wedding ceremony at the venue. Too many variables


It depends on the venue. I went to a place that included food and lines and table clothes and open bar and centerpieces. Some Venues you just do the space. Some may include seating's, other will require you to rent seating. Some may require you add on food from them or from approved caters. So you need to ask the venue what is included.


The hire cost generally includes staffing, utilities, facilities (toilets etc)


Depends on the venue, also the number of guests that will be there. So figure out how many people you want to invite and weather or not the wedding will have to be catered, before you decide on a venue. If you have one in mind all ready then visit them and have a wedding consultation or call them up. If you have a budget your venue should be included in it.


Often you are required to use the venues catering service or use their approved vendors which the venue will charge an additional percentage. Thus if your catering costs $2,000 you could be charged an extra 20% or $400 that goes to the venue. Then there are things like table and chair rental, tenting outside, clean up charges, event insurance, linens, valet services, lighting options, over use penalties, etc., but it depends on the venue whether they are included or not. When you start checking them out it will become clear to you.


idk your parents will pay for it anyways.