Are you an alcoholic? Is it questionable? How much alcohol do you normally consume in a week?



I am an alcoholic Before I quit it was 12 to 18 beers a night during the work week then serious drinking on the weekends I still occasionally have a beer or 2 or split a margarita with the wife And I quit without help except for one comment that made me take stock. At the Navy Hospital I was stationed at at the time they opened their first drug/alcohol rehab center. I asked the Dr who was to be the director if I could come down his reply was "To work or as my first patient"? I stopped drinking that day and never drank to excess again

the great

0 alcohol sucks


i dont drink at all.. i think people who drink everyday are sad


No alcohol



Blocking Back

No. Alcoholics go to meetings.


I don’t drink


I drink alcohol .. and cannot believe that (so far) I am the only answerer who does. I am not an alcoholic .. although my brother and uncle both were and they are both dead now, because of it. I drink wine ONLY .. probably a bottle or two a week .. although I do have alcohol free days !


I consume no alcohol, and have not drank since mid-1971.


no, i dont drink at all




quit drinking in 1975 when my first was born. ..........................................................

Emily Rose

Once a week and who does it everyday? i feel like anyone in their right mind would not wanna be hungover everyday.