Did alcohol at bars used to cost way less than it does now? And Did they raise prices to discourage drinking so much. 80s and before.?

Or were the drinks always priced pretty high for the time?


they used to be a lot cheaper compared with peoples weekly wages, prices have gradually risen over the years due to consecutive governments raising alcohol tax, greedy breweries increasing prices above inflation, public bars also putting up prices and then there is the price the pubic bars have to cover in business rates which is also passed onto the customer.


The cost has increased along with all other items from the time.

Nikki P

Gas used to be less than $0.70 a gallon Bread used to cost less than $0.20 And way back in 1972 minimum wage was $1.60 So it is not just alcohol that has gone up.


Everything used to cost less. Inflation hits everywhere.


I don't booze peddlers care one whit about the health of drinkers. Prices have risen for everything as people mentioned. Depends on the kind of joint you're going to. Happy hours remain good bargains, with well drink specials. . In cities, the "cool" bars have ridiculous prices. 14 and up for a cocktail served in a tiny martini glass. I don't mind paying for a good drink, but it's a ripoff when you get a margarita or screwdriver served in a shot glass. People are willing to pay a lot if it's a popular bar more if they think the place is special.k


Compared to other prices alcohol has remained pretty steady


Everything use to cost way less. But then our wages were way less too. In 1970 I only made $450 a month, but my rent was only $120, and butter only cost 25 cents a pound.


ALL things used to cost way less. Prices are raised due to higher costs of building rental, wages of staff, cost of energy to heat, cool and light the bar and higher wholesale costs of alcohol.

Emily Rose

i don't know im not a bar fly if i drink i prefer to do it the safety of my home